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Rows isn’t literal or abstract. It’s probably somewhere in between, or so wishes it was normal, like you or me. The first album Aroomnoonesees was mostly comprised of live one-take tracks versus an editing structure. Even with all of its flaws and blemishes, the one-take style is something I’m typically adamant about.

- Not because I’m pressed for time or I want to produce shitty material, it’s just that in my experience when cleaning up tracks and removing those blemishes there’s just a finished product that’s not as engaging. One-takes carry an unpolished essence that makes B-sides, live tracks, demos, etc. so appealing.

I started out a handful of songs for Rows with the idea of simplistic pop songs in the vein of Neutral Milk Hotel and a sort of adolescent/immature, pop-punk spirit. I wanted stuff I could play acoustically live and not look like a total ass, but also songs I could layer with synthesizers, samples and live drum machines.

That’s where Rows takes an opposing direction with multiple one-take tracks. The hardest part was balancing out that sound. From first listen it may seem like timing is off and things aren’t properly balanced. There is some of that going on, since these are quick one-takes, but the intention was always to play with form and kind of go against what the trained ear expects. The simple chord progressions carry the songs, and then the drums or samples create the disorienting consistency.

Lyrically, Rows is more serious and at the same time there’s a larger element of humor added to the mix. Rows means death. Either rows of gravestones, mass homicides, multiple flat lining EKGs or any other kind of bureaucratic symbolism. We face rows everyday, but the uplifting factor is the creative impulse all of us embody to disrupt the order of rows and break free of destined loneliness.


released June 29, 2011


tags: pop voice Indiana


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Track Name: Sunfishin'
Blackout parade, cascade on the shore
Like Kafka today, but Palme d’Or
Masquerade of the minds
Gonna shine behind the scenes
Smoke screens, marines, and yellow submarines
Think tank busted; ship sinking
Good thing my life vest is diamond crusted
Related ancient-gracious
That must be the Savior waiting to save us
I believe to achieve - I achieve to believe
But receive no pension
What’s life without drame, strife, control, taut tension?
In the background mention some universal lie
Like if God did a DVD commentary, listen to it when we die

Sunset spies, it’s a good day for
Nothing in our particular lives
But to rinse and repeat and whatever
But never reverse in measures
Distinct and not clever
With a sense of purpose
And meticulous endeavor
To cast the last stone
With the wooden rod thrown
At the equinox sub box
Subtonic speaker blown
In my last breath, I hope I say something nice
Like a compliment to get me in good with Jesus Christ

Go reel your line in, we’re sunfishin’
Go reel your line in, we’re sunfishin’
With no precision, the white vision
Go reel your line in, we’re sunfishin’
Track Name: Christian Boy
What happened to our Christian boy?
He was good son
Now he just wants to have fun
Ever since he was deployed
And, when he came back
He was a new man
He said, “I’m tired of being destroyed,”
He just lay there
And, he never woke at all

Will he ever be good again? (4x)

What happened to our pride and joy?
He liked football
Now he never leaves at all
He just stares into an empty void
He doesn’t say much
And, he never eats his lunch
What happened to our Christian boy?

He needs Jesus (repeat)

Will he ever be good again? (4x)
Track Name: Heartbreaker
You’re done
Before he lays his eyes on you
You’ll never make it through
Another year of high school
When you see
Him in summer time
With only one eye
You wish that he would die
But, you still love him
And, you still love him
You still love him

He’s going to break your heart

He’s going to break your heart (4x)
I know (4x)

Don’t try
To call him on the phone
He is not at home
He wants to be left alone
When you see
Her out with him
She is not your friend
BFFs ‘til the end
But, you still hate her
And, you still hate her
You still hate her

He’s going to break your heart

He’s going to break your heart (4x)
I know (4x)

He’s going to break your heart (4x)