Prayer Victim

by Teen Brigade

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released April 1, 2017


tags: pop voice Indiana


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Teen Brigade Indiana

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Track Name: Delicate
I could hold your head
So delicate

I could stand alone
So delicate

I could put down my phone
So delicate

I could touch your skin
Be born
So delicate
Track Name: Akbar Returning
Sleeping in ribbons
Gossip in graze
Similar adherence
To Korine and Pt 2 of Vowels
If you call me from the Amtrak
I’ll know it’s fucking around

If there’s laughter in the background
I will know who is the clown
Or who the clown is
If we’re being constructive
Like a proclivity for bolding
Titles, it’s scolding me now

Or CD-Rs wrapped in Kleenex
Lost somewhere on MySpace
Romanticizing a place
Where we conversed more
But we never had the distaste
Just something greater swarmed
As the gold pillars remained blank
Separately but quietly we drank

And after all the years
We’re both still around
We’re both still in town

Always disjointed
My hands are disappointed

You can dress it up
However you like
I stayed away from the Sparrow
And open mics
For fear of a sense of friendship
The burden of my insolence

Just my nature to disappear
And bury myself
In words and noise
No one will ever hear
I feel like I’m so much older now
I know I must be older now

I felt something slip away last year
I thought of you when I was drunk
From New York hotel room
I’m not sure what floor I was on
You understood my calms
Jealousy overslept
At Jimmy’s Corner an actor
Mistook me for a stagehand

Always disjointed
My hands are disappointed

When you played the man card
I felt gross and undignified
Betrayed by my own desire
To see something in someone
I guess I’m sorry I made you a sire
But now that’s over and we’re older
At least I think we’re older
I hope we are
Track Name: Prayer Victim
Send good vibes
You gotta ring those thumbs in
Expert eyes
Ready your lurid fingertips
And hit reply
Always standing up for something
When no one else will

You got a doctor bill
You got a car wreck, won’t you?
You got wishes unfulfilled
You got loved one’s death, don’t you?

You can reinvent your needs
Based on intuition
It bleeds
Into us
You can reinvent the wheel
But it will turn somehow still
It bleeds
Into us

Oh, I’m not a victim
I’m just dull

In your VR chemtrails
Lower your blood cells
So hypnotized
Even Biggie would be surprised
By all the ways we deflate so easily

It bleeds
Into us
Track Name: Not Far Enough
Circling the bottle shop
Entering and walking out
I’m better than this
I guess I’m not though
Just a sip or just a taste
Was a slip or was a waste
Rationalizing Old Grand-Dad
Spinning nights and weak ends
Braising in spiraled ire and wine
Salivating frequently into a paper cup

The wounds won’t heal
But the silence will
A steady hand won’t last

Creases in the crew case
Spinning at The Spot most nights
A view from the center of the world
Is desolate and miniscule, why?
Hours of being functional
Really though what function am I?

Felt so close
Like the end of a half marathon
Feigned a ghost
Living in me

It ceases
In moderation
A moderate view
Of the crash
It pleases
The sensational
Ignorance of the clasp

He might make difference
But of course I think don’t I’ll ever be fine

Loosening every grip
My hands are disappointed
Track Name: Some Condition
My brother wants some condition
My brother, everything is fine

The world is your oyster
An aphrodisiac
Just when you found your poise
There was no money
In spite of faded tattoos
In piles of waste we found you
Slipping up a ladder
A fortunate son

A fortunate son

My brother wants some condition
My brother, everything is fine

The Chattanooga sun
Beats down on you
Like Megaman’s solar bullets
But your continues are low
Seeing Wolf Parade in L.A.
Or AC in Miami for a long night
Your living in sweat
Of a cushioned mind

A cushioned mind

My brother wants some condition
My brother, everything is fine

Sleeping in the sleeper factory
Won’t change, but I love you, bro
Track Name: Waking Up
Somebody wise
Once told me to stay at home
And maybe I should have listened
Maybe I should have stayed

But home is where the illness is
Home is where the illness is
You can kill yourself at home
You can drink yourself to death alone

So why? Go outside. Why? Even try.

Because somebody once told me
To stay home
And there’s no better lie
Than the illness I know
The illness at home
The idles of the ideas
The cradle of the youth of us
Splintered in the backyard

We’re waking up
Track Name: Done to You
From Signal Mountain
To the Hampton Inn
There’s a sneaky step
To a kneeling friend
When you’re on your deathbed
We can sit and watch Friends
But I cannot call now
I cannot send

From the depths of sleep
Paralyzed in Phoenix
There’s a murky tale
Of a wandering child
There’s a Falcon and a Snowman
Filed beneath the piles of wild
Loose leaves and loam

I’m sorry I’ll never know
What was done to you

From the handgun fights
And lonely nights
To the Pharmore video store
There’s a distant haze
I’m a second hand joy
Sometimes maybe I think
Something was done to me
But I’ll never know

I’m sorry I’ll never know
What was done to you

In the air of the undead
Redeye Skyline
Chili Sunday night
There’s an eerie thought
A picture in my mind
How life can be
So delicate
Track Name: The Witch
In the dark carwash
I’m playing my childish games
Two girls running away
I asked them for their names
They just turned and continued
Down the endless tracks
I sat in a white cleaning van
Also thought about never coming back
My dad was taking Whitey home
As I sat in the back
I thought about those tracks
And about those girls
And about some dark shit

I sucked on a watermelon weed candy
Before going to see The Witch
The darkness, sounds, and whispers
Made my heart race
I thought I was going to fall asleep
I barely made it to Chick-Fil-A
The barbecue sauce reminded me
Of the witches crushing up that baby

The witches are coming for us